Apr 15, 1953 - May 1, 1953
National Salon of Budapest, Hungary

In 1953, the National Salon of Budapest hosted an exhibition titled Korea for Freedom, displaying recent works of North Korean artists who often had to work in underground bunkers during the Korean War (1950-53). The exhibition featured works in media ranging from traditional ink painting to large-scale socialist realist oil paintings that invoked what the North Koreans had come to know of socialist realism through the models and experiences shared by fraternal socialist countries.

Korea for Freedom was a socialist exhibition that encapsulated the structural changes that had taken place in the Korean art world following the country’s turn to communism after World War II. The exhibition also extended into continued interaction and exchange between Hungarians and Koreans in the 1950s.

The exhibition also travelled to the Hungarian cities of Szeged and Miskolc, though the exact dates for these subsequent shows are currently unknown.