Tendencies 5, exhibition view
Jun 1, 1976 - Jul 1, 1976
Museum of Technology, Zagreb, Yugoslavia

The exhibition ‘tendencies 5’ in Zagreb 1973, was composed of three parts: ‘constructive visual research’, ‘computers and visual research’ and ‘conceptual art’. The exhibition was accompanied by the AICA symposium ‘The Rational and Irrational in Contemporary Art’. The organizers were the Gallery of Contemporary Art from Zagreb. President of the Organizing Committee of the ‘tendencies 5’, used the term ‘data processing’ – describing the methods of conceptual art. In the conceptual art section, Sol LeWitt exhibited the Wall Painting, created by the exhibition workforce, according to textual instructions encapsulated within a single sentence, which can also be viewed as a programme (the algorithm of descriptive geometry, expressed by text). New Tendencies was a dynamic international network and a stage for different but unarguably advanced artistic theories and practices of the 1960s in the Gallery of Contemporary Art (which is today the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb), within the City of Zagreb Galleries, which organized five NT exhibitions in Zagreb from 1961 to 1973, while major exhibitions were also held in Paris, Venice and Leverkusen. A joint exhibition of European artists in 1961 grew into an international movement that would be referred to as NT, also significant for gathering artists, gallery owners and theoreticians during the Cold War, first from Eastern and Western Europe (and dissidents from South America), and, from 1965 onwards, also those from the USA, the Soviet Union and South America, and subsequently from Africa and Asia. Such a unique situation was realized by the cultural and geopolitical position of Zagreb, in the then socialist and non-aligned Yugoslavia.